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Accordion Country
Castelfidardo the city of the accordion.

The Hotel Parco is close to the International museum and the accordion manufacturers.

Castelfidardo, in the province of Ancona, is a small town in central Italy, in the Marche region, recognized as homeland or country of the accordion.

In the 19th century, a local craftsman, Paolo Soprani, elaborating and perfecting the accordion (accordéon) of the Austrian Cyrill Demian, created the prototype of the instrument that we all know today, founding one of the first Italian manufacturers of accordions.

The tradition continues today and there are several companies that in the municipal territory and in the province of Ancona, realize with care and passion this special musical instrument, and this is what defines Castelfidardo the city of the accordion.

The accordions in Castelfidardo are produced as they did 150 years ago, most of them handcrafted. Each instrument is unique, an authentic masterpiece, unmistakable and unalterable, sought after by all the most famous musicians in the world.

icona museo internazionale della fisarmonica 2
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icona Teatro Astra Castelfidardo Ancora PIF Premio Internazionale della Fisarmonica
International Accordion Museum Accordion Manufacturers Teatro Astra (PIF: International Accordion Award)
750m - 10 min circa 40 400m - 6 min

International Accordion Museum of Castelfidardo (Ancona)

In the center of Castelfidardo in an ancient 18th century building, there is the International Accordion Museum with a collection of about 350 specimens, all different from each other, including the precious Giuseppe Panini collection (the unforgettable "king" of the figurines, passionate about the instrument), many of these "unique pieces" from 22 different countries.

In the same building you will find a traditional artisan workshop of the beginning of the last century.

Even the Hotel Parco has its own small exhibition, in fact you can admire some examples from the Accordion Museum: a French Harmoniflute from 1890, an English Bandoneon from 1897, a Du Botte from 1915 - a Sopranos Plan from 1952.

From the Hotel Parco you can reach the Accordion Museum on foot in just a few minutes, it is in fact only 750m.

Teatro Astra and the PIF: International Accordion Award

The "Teatro Astra" in Castelfidardo is only a 5-minute walk from the Hotel Parco, 400m. The theatre is home to all the concerts and performances held in Castelfidardo, especially the PIFPremio Internazionale della Fisarmonica), the International Accordion Award held every year in September and which involves musicians from all over the world. This year the 43rd edition will take place from 9 to 16 September with many events and concerts that enchant everyone.

Accordion Manufacturers

Castelfidardo boasts 40 companies that produce accordions, an important industrial fabric that represents the flagship of the country's economy.
The Hotel Parco due to a close collaboration with all the accordion firms present in the Territory offers:

  • special rates for company customers or their employees;
  • organization of personalized tours for those who want to visit the best accordion companies;
  • informative material of companies with leaflets and brochures;
  • organization of musical performances with accordionists inside the hotel.

For anyone who loves music, Castelfidardo is an obligatory stop and the Hotel Parco is the ideal place to stay for all accordion enthusiasts!
We are waiting for you to enjoy a wonderful stay in music!

List of accordion companies

Via Marcora, 6, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7821025
Fismen Via Enzo Ferrari, 2, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7366041
FM di Ottavianelli Renzo & C s.n.c. Via Sicilia, 1, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 780050
Giustozzi Via Puccini, 2, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 780765
Master Production via della Crocetta, 24, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7820100
Pasco Italia snc Via Battisti, 57, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7825190
Piermaria Accordions Via Macerata, 14, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7823329
Baffetti Dino & C. - Snc Via O.Pigini, 82, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7820968
Ballone Burini Lido & C. Srl Via Camerano, 19, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7819841/ 2
Beltuna Accordions srl Via Pio La torre, 7, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7822314
Bompezzo Snc Via Martiri della Liberta', 3, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7823272
Bonifassi Fisarmoniche - Logic System
Via Dante Alighieri, 147, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 4606508
Borsini Fisarmoniche Via Battisti, 27, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 780032
Brandoni & Sons Via Martiri della Liberta', 4, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 780624
Bugari Armando srl Via Adriatica, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 781584
D&D Fantini Accordions srl Via 4 Novembre, 61, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7822787
Excelsior Accordions Via Villa Poticcio, 1, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7820982
Gabbanelli Fisarmoniche Via Battisti, 18, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 780386
Mengascini Nello Via Adriatica, 41, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7820247
Musitech Via Donizetti, 2, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 78409
Ottavianelli Accordions Via 4 Novembre, 52, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7206505
Piatanesi Accordions Via 4 novembre 48, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 780056
Pigini s.r.l. Via Carlo Marx, 127, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7820301
Suoni S.r.l. Via Olivetti, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7823689
Victoria Accordions Co. Srl Via 4 Novembre, 57, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 780004
ZERO SETTE 1 srl Via Maestri del Lavoro, 15, 60022 Castelfidardo
tel. (+39) 071 7121023

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